Construction of your own home is one thing which is perhaps one of the most important things you are going to do in your whole life.  In India building a home now costs anywhere from 1.00 crores onwards depending on the price of the land and he size of the plot on which you are going to construct your home.  Building a home requires a lot of thought and planning which people generally miss out on when they start the construction.  We are going to take a look at some of  the important points on which generally people do not think when they are in the planning stage. 

1. Hiring An Architect : Hiring an architect is a very important task even though it is an expensive proposition. But it will help you in many ways because an architect can plan your house and also save you on the construction costs in many ways by planning room sizes, interiors, fittings, lighting and much more. 

2. Getting Blue Prints Of Electrical Conduit Wiring : If you are going to build your home generally in these modern times it is the common practice to install electrical wiring underground so that it is concealed. This however leads to many problems in the future with the passage of time.  In case there is some general fault in the wiring due to some defect in the wire or short circuit and you have to get this repaired if you do not have a map of the wiring it becomes difficult to trace this fault and rectify it.  So it is always important that you have a blue print of the wiring made by the electrician who is installing it. The architect can also help you out with this task. It is also important to think about the electrical out puts and switches to be installed in advance  whilst the walls are being erected so that junction boxes for electrical fittings can be installed in the walls. 

3. Planning Furniture Placement : Always plan out the placement of the furniture in advance so that you know the size of the rooms you want to have in order to visualize your final home. It is important to know the size of the beds, size of the cupboards and cabinets. This will help you in planning the size of the bedrooms, the living room, the dining room and the toilets etc. IT will also help in planning the lighting and electrical fittings in these rooms. 

4. Planning The Underground Sanitary Fittings And Waste Pipes:  When you are planning the underground sanitary fitting please also get a map made so that you know which connection and which underground pipe is going where. Generally over a period of time these pipes get blocked with silt and dirt and then it becomes very difficult to get repairs done and one has to either get the plumber who had originally installed them or go in for a major restoration job which can mean pulling up the floors of the washrooms and even rooms in certain cases. 

5. Planning The Windows And Natural Light Resources: IT is very important to plan the windows of the rooms in such a way that there is cross ventilation and that the windows and doors let in enough natural light to keep the home cool and well lit.


6. Planning The Paints Of The Walls : You have to keep in mind the color scheme and the requirement of any living space in your home. There are specific tones which are meant for various spaces like bedrooms, living room, dining rooms and bathrooms etc.  Be careful in not getting the color scheme wrong.

If you keep the above things in mind you will always have a comfortable home free from hassles for a very long time.