Choosing a color for the interiors of your home is a very important part of the interior designing of the home. Different colors give off different types of energy to a room so in order to give a positive energy to your home it is very important to pick and choose the colors of your home with the utmost care .The type of color you choose has to correspond to the amount of traffic a room in a particular living space sees on a daily basis. 

Living Room :  Low Traffic Area

Generally the living room is a low traffic area for every home unless you are in any type of public dealing work like politics. If your living room is a formal one and low traffic you need a flat paint or paint with a matte finish. This hides all the imperfections in the walls and also does not have much shine and does not reflect light. Generally this type of paint is difficult to clean so it is not advisable for a living room which sees large traffic.  If your living room sees more traffic and if you are entertaining more frequently then better to choose paint with an eggshell or a satin finish as these are then easier to clean.  Generally the colors for a living room should be multiple types. A  dominant color for 60 % of the space, 30% in a secondary color (for eg). One wall  may be shaded. ) and ten percent accent color for highlighting.

Bedroom Colors

In general pastel shades calm the body and mind and are ideal for bedrooms.   The bedrooms are a place where you come to relax or to sleep so it has to have the effect of calmness when you come into your relaxing space. Colors like Beige, Light shades of Lavender are the best colors for a bedroom. Some of the colors which should never be used in a bedroom include Red , Purple and Brown as these are the colors for Anger ( Red) , Nightmares and bad dreams ( Purple) and Gloomy( Brown) .  A Satin or Eggshell finish is the best for a bedroom wall as it is easier to clean.

Kitchen Colors

A Kitchen is generally a very high traffic area in any household. It is also the most important part of a home. Generally warmer colors like Red, Blue, yellow white and Grey are the colors we can associate with a kitchen. Red is a color which is associated with the stimulation of appetite. White is a color of high energy. So a kitchen with white walls and interspersed with liberal splashes of red would be a great combination.  The red can be done on the cabinets or walls as per your choice and décor.    A light shade of Grey also has the same effect as it combines and contrasts nicely with other darker shades for getting attractive combinations.


The bathroom is a space which requires bright lighting and walls which reflect light efficiently and create the appearance of a larger space. The best choice for a bathroom is therefore white combined with any other contrasting color for creating a bright, colorful and attractive bathroom.  Avoid using any dark shades in the bathroom. The tiles should also be of bright pastel colors or Faux Marble tiles.

Dining Area

Finally we come to the dining area of a home. If your dining area is connected to your living room then you have to match the wall colors to that with the living room as these spaces are inter linked.  Medium Shades are the most comfortable for a dining area and the area should exude warmth and comfort.

Treat the coloring of your home with the care it deserves and you will have created a very happy home.