Every major metro city in the world is struggling with one problem which is slowly choking our living environment and that problem is pollution.  In these modern times when there are innovative techniques and methods being evolved for almost everything there has been no solution to this problem of finding ways to take care of the earth’s environment and our cities are getting more polluted day by day.


The main problem is that there are too many types of pollution which are disturbing the environment. We will go into them one by one and try to analyze them. 

Noise Pollution

The first type of pollution which we are facing is the pollution from noise. This pollution has a direct detrimental effect on your hearing which is definitely something needed by every living person on earth. AT present Italy and USA are the two countries with highest average noise exposure in the world. In India there is still no attention being paid to measure noise levels in any cities but it is definitely a possibility that our major metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai are having noise levels far above the levels which are necessary for keeping your hearing intact.  That is also probably the reason for the rise in the number of people who are slowly losing their hearing in these cities.

Solution: the Governments start to really look into the problem of noise pollution and laws need to be initiated to limit the noise emission levels in each metro city. The main culprits in this case are the vehicles and factories. Measures need to be taken to control this urgently.

Vehicular Pollution

The second most important and the worst culprit in this problem is vehicular pollution. NO matter what new standards we set for ourselves as long as we are relying on fossil fuels like oil and diesel for driving our cars and other modes of transport this problem will always persist and not only persist it will go on increasing.  This is further aggravated by the cutting down of the trees thereby not allowing the regeneration of oxygen by the trees to overcome the effects of this pollution. 

Solution: the only solution for this is to find ways and means to change our dependence on fossil fuels particularly diesel and petrol.  A new source of energy needs to be found for driving our cars, trucks, and planes - A source of energy which will not emit any poisonous carbon monoxide in the atmosphere and allow the trees to breathe out sufficient oxygen in the air. 

Pollution from Industry and Garbage

Another large contributor to the Pollution of the world’s environment is the pollution from the Industry and the Garbage produced by humans. These are the types of pollution which can be reduced considerably by means of strict legislation. The Industrial pollution needs to be tackled on many fronts. This pollution is not only destroying our cities it is also destroying our countryside and our rivers. We are also ourselves involved in destroying the seas which seems to be difficult but we humans are managing to do it by dumping huge amounts of human garbage in to the oceans and seas. Not only our human waste some of the so called advanced countries like the USA and others are not only dumping human garbage but also nuclear waste and plastic waste into our seas thereby creating a major problem for the marine life in the oceans. 


This is one problem which cannot be solved on local levels but needs strong international effort and legislation.  For this the whole world needs to unite to find a permanent solution to this major problem.

What are the ways to stop this and regenerate the natural resources of the earth? 

1. We need a major effort from each and every country to not only limit the use of wood in our lives but also to plant trees on a level which will lead to the rebalance in the natural environment of the earth’s atmosphere by the generation of oxygen to levels that the environment starts to heal itself. 

2. We need urgently an alternative source of energy which is not dependent on fossil fuels which give off harmful gases while being burned.

3. We need to find ways and means to dispose of human and nuclear waste in ways which will stop polluting our natural resources in the seas and oceans.

A major offensive needs to be made in controlling the destruction of planet earth otherwise we are all headed for a massive disaster of our own making.