As we are all aware that the worlds environment is being heavily affected by the effects of the pollution from rapid industrialization, urbanisation and rapidly increasing population due to better availability of healthcare in all countries.  One of the main detrimental effects is being seen on the availability of drinking water all over the world. The water tables all over the world are shrinking. The reason for that is that the increasing population is using up a lot more water than can be replenished in the underground water reservoirs of the world. On top of that due to the rapid urbanisation there is  climatic change taking place all over the world and rainfall is getting scarcer due to global warming.  Glaciers in the high mountains are shrinking and so are the ice caps in the north and south poles. 

The shortage of water is manifesting itself in India too and the coming of the high rise multi storey residential societies is going to put more pressure on the already heavily burdened infrastructure of this city. In order to con toll, the ever-dwindling water levels in the ground there is definitely a concentrated effort being made by the different world leaders to encourage the replenishment of the ground water levels. This is being made possible by the installation of rainwater harvesting systems in all residential areas in Faridabad.

What is rainwater harvesting? IT means the collection of rain water from different sources in underground reservoirs. The water falls first on the roof and from there into the gutters which then sends it into an underground tank. From there it is then recycled and used again and again. There is a very sophisticated filtration system installed to clean the water as it flows into the tank.

What is the need to replenish or recycle the water? Well if we take a look at the statistics only the drinking water requirement of our planet for human beings is 73.4 billion litres of water a day. Added to that is the water consumed for washing clothes, dishes, washing cars and bathing etc. If we calculate it definitely it will come to hundreds of trillion litres of water per day. According to a study by a US agency the daily rainfall on the planet is 914 trillion litres of water per day. But most of that water flows either into the ground or the oceans so the world is using up most of its internal resources of Ground water. 

 That is why the water tables all over the world are sinking lower and lower making it necessary to recycle at least part of the water we are using up daily in order to preserve and refresh the underground water reservoirs of the world.

If we don’t wake up to the water shortages being faced all around the world the time is not far off when all the major metros in the world will run out of drinking water supply and plunge the world into  a crisis from which it will be difficult to emerge. Very recently few years in mid-2017 to mid-2018 Cape town was just 90 days away from shutting off all the taps in the city. This situation can arise in any city of the world if we don’t wake up to this crisis and make rainwater harvesting an integral part of our daily life.