Buying a home is a very important event in a person’s life. There are so many things to be kept in mind while purchasing a home that one should always have a check list ready to see if the home meets all those requirements. A home is something which you are buying mostly to last you a lifelong period and is just as important as if you are choosing a life partner for yourself. What are the most important points to be kept in mind in your check list for purchasing your home?

1.      Connectivity to the Transport Infrastructure: The first point we need to keep in mind and which is important is to see the connectivity to the various transportation infrastructures in the area. The home must be near or well connected to the Public Transport System in the area. It is vital because with the rising expenses of fuel the public Transport system becomes a vital and economical means of connection to your work. The home must be well connected to the airport and the main railway stations in the city to facilitate travel to the other parts of the country.

2.      Connectivity to the Healthcare Facilities:  The second point to be considered is always the connectivity to the Medical/ Healthcare facilities in the city. In case of emergencies one has to be able to get to a hospital in the quickest possible time. So it is imperative that the home be in reach of a good hospital within the shortest time preferably in a 5 to 10 minute drive at the utmost.

3.      Guarantees and Warrantees Concerning the Home: According to RERA every residential home developer has to provide the flat owners with a five year warrantee on the workmanship of the construction and the amenities provided over and above the home. This warrantee has to cover bad workmanship on the electricals, fixtures and other aspects of the construction as long as they have not been changed since taking possession. This warrantee is an important document and has to be checked at the time of taking possession as to which services and fixtures it covers. At the time the developer hands over the project to the RWA it is important that the necessary documentation be received from the developer as to the transfer of the warrantees of fixtures which have been installed by them to cover the future warrantees of the installed fixtures and fittings.

4.      Parking lot and Amenities Provided: AT the time of the takeover of the flat it is also important to check up the parking lot provided to you by the developer. It is also important to check the extra amenities provided by the real estate construction company against the amenities mentioned by them in the brochure and the booking form. Please check to see that there are no discrepancies between what is mentioned in the brochure and those in the booking/ allotment letter. 

5.      To Check the Carpet Area of the Flat:  Another important point is to check the actual carpet area of the flat against that which is advertised through the brochure or on the website.

6.      Check the NOC’s for Gas and Electricity Connections: Please also check the NOC’s for the connection of the gas, water and electricity.

7. Check the Security and the Fire Protection Arrangements: Another important factor for the safety is to check the security arrangement in the compound and also the fire protection arrangements on your floor. It could prove to be the difference between life and death in case of an emergency in the home.