The Importance of the Project :-

The Development of the city of Faridabad has resulted in the increase of the construction activity in the city with many different builders coming in with their residential and commercial projects. Most of the commercial  projects are in the shape of the SCO complexes located in different sectors. Sector 81 is one of the sectors which is having a number of commercial projects next to each other and is probably going to be one of the major commercial areas in the city in the coming years. In this area there are some very good commercial projects coming up which are going to be ready in a couple of years. There is  the Omaxe World Street is  one of the leading commercial projects in Faridabad and there is one coming up opposite it in sector 81 by the Amolik Group and is known as Amolik Plaza 81.   This project is important as it is going to supply a very modern and excellent shopping complex which is of best quality and is going to meet this demand for one basic requirement in the  city.

Amolik Plaza 81  the Project:-


This commercial project is located on a total project area of 3 acres of land at a very attractive location on the cross road just a few meters away from the Omaxe World Street. The SCO  in Faridabad sector 81 consists of a total number of 42  units with sizes in the range of 170sq. yards to 534.37  sq. yards. With the structures in Basement Ground + 3 format the SCO is of modern design and was launched on 4 February 2021 and work is going on at a very fast pace.  This project is going to be a walled and gated one with most of the features of a good and top grade successful commercial project. 

Salient Features of the Project :-

The project is one of the walled and gated commercial projects with uniform structures throughout. 

The structures are going to be earthquake proof and built as per the best IS standards set by the government.

Lifts are going  to be available in all the units of the shops in Faridabad sector 81.

The project is going to be an eco friendly one with solar lights in the open areas and plenty of green spaces in the compound. 

Location of the Project :-

The success of any commercial project depends upon  some very important factors like its location, amenities and prices. In the case of Amolik SCO 81 the first factor the location is excellent. It is located on the main road from the BPTP Bridge to the DPS Crossing near to the Omaxe world street and next to the Vipul Plaza SCO. It is about 13 kms from the Delhi Faridabad border and is connected to the Metro system at Bata Station just 3 kms from Amolik SCO / 81. There are at least 20000 residential units in an area of around 5 to 6 kms surrounding the project and a major portion of these  residential households are of the higher society type and belong to the upper income group. This means a good clientele for the shops in the project. The project also has a number of good schools in the neighboring areas like the Delhi Public School and the Aravali International School and these are also a very good source of footfall for the commercial establishments in this project.


Amenities in the Project :-

The SCO has been provided the following facilities by the Amolik Group. It is going to be a walled and gated project so it will have round the clock security at the gate. The roads inside will be paved and there is sufficient parking space as required in a commercial project.   There is going to be power back up for the lifts and the common facilities. Water supply is arranged for 24 hours a day. Street lighting has been arranged. Some green small gardens and patches for beautification. Most of these facilities are the standard in all SCO’s. 

The current price of the units in Amolik Plaza 81 is in the range of  130000 to 135000 per square yard and this is only for the plot. The units themselves will be constructed at extra cost.